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Cucktails With The Girls
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While she's upstairs getting ready - I just want you to know that you're SO not good enough for my BFF. I've known her for a lot longer than you so make the most of it loser because, trust me, you're just not her type. She knows how I feel about you - that I basically hate you, she knows I think you're a loser and that she can do so much better than you and tonight loser, after a few cocktails with me and the girls, I'm gonna totally convince her to cheat on you. Yes I am and it's gonna be so fucking easy. I've planned it all - we're going to take her for cocktails and talk about how amazing our boyfriends are, how handsome they are, how awesome they are in bed and obviously talk down about you the whole time too. We'll tell her she needs a real man and that she can do much better than a wimp like you. Then, I've planned for my hottest guy friends to meet up with us at the club. They're all in on the plan and I'm gonna make sure your girlfriend is primed and ready for them. She WILL be cheating on you tonight loser, the only question is with how many of the studs I've picked out for her. These guys know just how to talk to a girl like yours - and they'll definitely know how to treat her too. I can guarantee she'll be on her knees sucking cock tonight and it won't be yours for definite! She's going to turn you into a cuckold in the restroom of the club with a guy she's only just met. I'm going to make it my personal mission to make sure she cheats on you tonight. And when she does - I'm gonna tease you about it! I'll send you pictures and messages so you know the exact moment you've been turned into her cuckold.
Nikita Caslida
25/10/2019 - 14 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Cucktails With The Girls - #Cuckold