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Cage, Plug And Panties To Work
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Your life of permanent emasculation starts with a new set of rules for the workplace. 3 simple rules to keep you in a state of submission at all times - especially while you're at work. Rule number 1 - you'll wear a chastity device at all times. No icky erections for you - no getting a boner over the bratty interns, new secretary, or hot advertising girls for you loser. Your beta cock stays limp and locked at all times. You'll sit to pee in the cubicles and feel the pinch of your XXS device whenever you so much as think of a too-good-for-you hottie. Emasculation starts with chastity! Rule 2 is to wear a butt plug to work every day. You're never going to forget it's there - all through your commute, your meetings, your lunchbreak talking to your colleagues and whatever oh-so boring things you fill your workday with - you'll feel that huge plug deep in your ass. You'll be constantly reminded that your cock is locked, and your ass is filled - just how it should be for every emasculated sissy-wimp like you. Your final rule is to wear panties to work under your work clothes. Pink, frilly, foo-foo panties to be exact. You're going to wear the most girly, feminine panties over your locked-up cock and emasculation plug. You're going to be thinking about whether any of the girls in the office have seen the pretty pink lace poking out over the top of your pants of if they've noticed the outline of all those ruffles underneath your male clothes. You won't be able to escape the fear that one of the emasculating things you're hiding will expose you. Your submissive status will be on your mind all day - every day!
Mia Middleton
09/03/2018 - 13 minutes
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