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Caged In The Cum Shower
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Look up cucky. Can you see what's hanging over your head? Can you see all the cum-filled condoms dangling from the bars of your cuckold cage? I've been collecting the used condoms from all of my Alphas and saving them up to give you a disgusting cum shower. I'm going to snip open the end of each of the cum-load filled condoms and let their thick slimy spunk drip down on top of you while I torment you with every detail of what I've been doing with your real-man rivals. You can't go anywhere - there's nowhere to hide in that cage cuckold. You'll just have to accept the degrading situation you're in. Feel their cum drip from all of their cumbags onto your back, your face, into your hair and all over your weakling body. It's going to be so funny - while you're getting drenched in the cum from all the guys I've been fucking, I'll be telling you all about how much fun I've been having with them. Who's been fucking me , where we've been fuckng what I was wearing for him - EVERY single detail! Y'know what would be funny? If I tied one more condom to the cage - not your cuckold cage - but your teeny-tiny chastity cage. I could leave that big load from last night's stud dangling from the end of your poor locked up cock as a reminder of this horrible experience. Even after the filthy, used condoms above you have finished drooling cum all over you, you'll still have that big Alpha cumload dangling from the tip of your chastity cage. Maybe I'll snip the end and leave it to drip down your leg for the rest of the day. Or maybe I'll make you sleep with it on? - how fucking gross!
Princess Aurora
07/10/2017 - 12 minutes
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