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So my best friend is out of town for the night and she's left you here all alone huh? Thought you'd play your sissy girl games while she was away did you faggot? Haha you like me calling you that, faggot? That's what you are isn't it? You're a sissy FAGGOT. Dressing up in girls clothes every time your girlfriend goes away - I should probably tell her y'know - she is my best friend after all. Girls should stick together over this kinda stuff - outing faggots like you. But I guess I could have some fun with you instead. I could keep your secret all to myself and hold it over you to make you do things for me - humiliating things. Ever thought what it would be like to be blackmailed by your girlfriend's hot best friend - blackmailed into doing humiliating things? That's what I'm going to do to you sissy. I'm going to make you do the most humiliating things to keep me quiet about you being a sissy faggot. Y'know what you're gonna do for me tonight? You're going to call your girlfriend and ask her about her day and stuff - while I fuck your faggot ass with my strap-on. Don't want to do it faggot? Well that's too bad. You're gonna be tied to the bed with my big cock pounding into your ass while I put my best friend on speakerphone for you. You'd better learn to take cock like a good faggot and take your ass fucking quietly or she'll know what's happening to you. Tell her how much you're missing her while I give you the most emasculating pegging of your life. Tell her you can't wait to see her again as I fill you full of my big plastic cock. Hold back your tears faggot - you don't hang up until I'm done with you!
Kiki Daniels
16/07/2018 - 11 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Call Her While I Peg You - #pegging