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Caught In Lingerie And Exposed
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Look what we have here everyone! A sissy little bitch dressing up in pretty lingerie while 'her' girlfriend is at work! Only I'm not at work am I sissy? I'm right here and I've caught you dressing up like a girl - in my favourite lingerie set!! I knew you were up to something and I should have known you were a sissy! Look at yourself, mincing around in my bra and panty set, my dainty suspender belt around your hips and my lace top stockings fastened into place. You look so pathetic - I can't wait for EVERYONE to see this video! That's right sissy - I'm going to expose you to the whole world! All my hot girlfriends (who already think you're a loser by the way), your colleagues, your ex-girlfriends - EVERYONE! They're all gonna see you getting caught and humiliated by your soon to be ex-girlfriend! The only way I'm gonna let you stay my boyfriend is if you let me feminize and humiliate you even more! It's up to you sissy - either you let me turn you into even more of a pansy or you're SO dumped! If you want to remain my 'boyfriend' you can start by putting on this wig! That's it sissy - look right into my camera as put on the long blonde wig - aw so pretty! Now these heels. Slip your feet into these pumps and give the camera a little curtsey! Haha - you're such a sissy! Now let me see - do I make you wear a maid’s dress or something slutty? Try the maid uniform on for size sissy - you're going to be wearing it a lot, lot more from now on. Now why don't you look into the camera and in your girliest voice beg me not to dump you and expose you to everyone!
Mila Amora
22/07/2018 - 12 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Caught In Lingerie And Exposed - #exposedsissy