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Caught You Sissy!
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Caught you sissy! There's no point trying to stutter out some pathetic excuse - I can see exactly what's going on here. Just look at yourself stood there in stockings, heels and panties rummaging through your girlfriend's lingerie drawer looking for a matching bra. You are busted and I'm totally gonna tell your girlfriend! Just so you know faggot, your secret dress-up sessions are completely visible to me from across the road. I've watched your oblivious girlfriend head out at the same time every weekend and then witnessed your rush to get yourself all dolled up in her pretty, girlie things. She has no idea just what a pansy you are - but that's all about to change because I'm going to tell her EVERYTHING! I even have photographic evidence - your whole life is going to be ruined in the most humiliating way possible. Of course, I might be persuaded to keep your perverted little secret between us... Maybe I could use your sissy fantasies against you - force you to become my sissy maid and blackmail you into servitude. I guess if you were to dress up every weekend in a pretty, frilly maids uniform and wiggle your way over the road to my house to spend the day cleaning and tidying up after me I could choose not to say anything. Do we have a deal sissy? Do you agree to being my sissy maid and cleaning my house from top to bottom in your sissy uniform every week in exchange for keeping your dress-up games a secret from your girlfriend?
Becky Dee
01/03/2018 - 12 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Caught You Sissy! - #sissy