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Chained In The Mens Room
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I think you deserve an extra cruel and ultra-humiliating punishment tonight sissy. You need to learn you place - you need to understand your status is lower than anyone else. Tonight, I'm going to teach you a lesson in humility you'll never forget. Tonight, we'll be going to an exclusive, adult industry party - the kind of party where hot girls like me get invited all the time. There's going to be so many hot girls like me, lots of toned Alpha guys and of course lots and lots of sex. Hot girls with hot girls, guys with girls, groups - you get the idea. You, sissy, will not be enjoying any of this - you won't even get to see any of this because you will be chained up in the men’s room between 2 urinals with this nice big spider-gag in your mouth. Sissy, you're going to be kneeling in the dark in your best lingerie and your frilly party dress and all your makeup - regretting ever finding yourself in the hands of the cruellest girlfriend EVER! I'm going to chain you up before the party starts and leave you in the men’s room until after the party ends. You're going to wear a little sign around your neck explaining what you're here for. Sissy, you're going to be there for guys to use as they wish - they can use your mouth to dispose of their cigarettes or gum. They can use your mouth as their urinal. They may even use your mouth to get them hard and ready for all the girls like me waiting for them in the party areas - before coming back in and emptying the contents of their cum-filled condoms down your sissy throat. You're going to used and degraded all night long sissy and there's nothing you can do about it!
Mia Middleton
16/04/2018 - 12 minutes
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