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Chastity Downsizing
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I think it's time we made things a little more uncomfortable for you. You've been locked away in THE VICE for such a long time but whenever a hot girl flicks her hair in your face or you see a bratty girl sniggering at the bulge in your pants your helpless cock still tries to get hard inside the device. Obviously, it can't escape, and it must be so frustrating for you but it still tries to grow and I want that to stop. I've decided your poor loser cock must have too much freedom inside it's cage so I'm downsizing you to the VICE MINI... this little thing is so small even a pin-dicked loser like you is going to struggle to squeeze into it. Your poor little beta-cock is going to be stuffed into the tiny device and locked back up leaving you absolutely no room to grow. NO ROOM AT ALL! The next time you see a hot popular girl stride by in her tight skirt and over-the-knee boots your helpless cock will not grow the slightest bit. When you smell the perfume from the pretty girls in the bar - all you'll feel is total and complete frustration - no stiffies for you-hoo! The great thing about this form of extreme chastity is that over time your cock will shrink. Not only are you being conditioned to be impotent to the sights, sounds and smells of hot girls but I'm also shrinking it down to a useless nub. Eventually you'll be so small and permanently flaccid you won't even need a chastity - I'll just keep it locked up as a permanent reminder of your loser status.
Becky Dee
25/05/2018 - 12 minutes
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