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Teased Into The Friendzone
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Would you be a peach and help me with my dress? When you're done helping me with the little zip you can tell me how good I look in it. Totally amazing, right? You can say it - I love to hear you tell me how totally perfect I look in the outfits you pick out for me. I love to make that little boner pitch a little tent in your pants over me. I love to make you blush and stutter and stumble on your words. I don't blame you for being totally intimidated around me - around your dream-girl crush. I'm popular, I'm pretty and I have an awesome gym-bunny body... which I love to tease you with just to make you think you might actually have a chance with me (which you totally don't BTW). You're so in love with me - so obsessed and I take full advantage of that. I use it against you and you don't even realise. Like when you paint my toenails - I know you love it and you think it's gonna make me like you more, but a PSA for you - no girl wants to date the guy who paints her toenails for her! You've been teased and tricked into the friendzone, simp and now you're there - you're gonna be made to feel like a total fool!

There's a guy at the gym I'm totally in to. Y'know my type - tall, muscular, confident - he has all that going on and the gossip in the girls changing room is that he's got a huge cock too. I've got his number and I was wondering if you could give him a call for me - like hook us up. I'll be so grateful to you if you could get me a date with him - like super-grateful - I'd totally make it worth your while. Sooo if you get me a date with him... I'll get you a date with my pretty toes. Wouldn't you LOVE that, simp-puppy? I'll let you have 10 minutes alone-time with my cute painted toes and all you have to do is set me up with the hot guy from the gym. I'll let you kiss my toes while I snapchat the girls and shop for a cute date-night outfit to wear for him - I'll let you pay for it with your card of course - I know you like to buy me stuff. I get cute new things to wear on the date you're gonna set me up on and you get to make out with your Princess's toes. Lucky you, right?

So we're clear on how this is gonna work right? You can be my date admin simp - finding and setting me up with hot guys, like the total stud at the gym, and as your little reward I'll let you have some toe-time in the beta-zone. I'll give you bonus treats when you're good and spend extra money on cute new shoes or give me your card to take out on date-nights. Maybe I'll let you stroke your friendzoned boner while you worship my feet? Maybe I'll let you take a pair of my dirty gym socks from the laundry hamper if you tidy my room and do my chores. You can take it home and sniff them while I'm on my date. You can sniff socks and jerk while I'm flirting with my boyfriends - like friendzoned rejects do. Jerk to the smell of my feet while I max out your card on drinks at the club. Jerk to my dirty toe prints on my gym socks as I make out with boys. Cum into my gym socks - you have permission simp-puppy. Make your pity-slime into my socks while you're all alone at home thinking about how I used you all over again. Cum in my cute socks you friendzoned wimp!

Added: 08-04-2022
Clip Length: 15m 37s
Tease And Denial Cuckolding Humiliation Rejection Jerk Off Instruction

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