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Public Toilet Maid - Assignment
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Ewgh - can you even imagine if that was your actual job? What could be worse than earning minimum wage mopping up disgusting piss-soaked rest-rooms, huh? I'll tell you what's worse, sissy... doing it for free! Doing it because you've been TOLD to do it for my entertainment. Doing it because you HAVE to do it. Doing it in a totally humiliating sissy-maid uniform - that's what's worse sissy and you're gonna find that out for yourself! I'm sending you to a public toilet block - somewhere that's well known for being a revolting, filthy convenience of last resort and you're going to make it look fucking spotless. You're going to mop the floors, clean the basins, and scrub the toilet bowls for hours all weekend long until you can eat your dinner in there... which you will be. You're gonna be the perfect little public-toilet cleaning maid and you're going to do it in a humiliating sissy-main uniform...

Take your own cleaning equipment with you. A mop and bucket and plenty of disinfectant. Take cloths and scrubbers and all the things you'll need to clean a whole public toilet block - but most importantly... take your prettiest, frilliest, shortest sissy-maid uniform. Every second of this assignment is going to be spent in your girly foo-foo-maid uniform and the tallest heels. Take your maid uniform and heels in a little bag and head to the public toilet - you can get changed in one of the cubicles before you get to work cleaning them all. You're going full Missy-Maid on this, sissy! Stockings, corset, panties, frilly dress, sky-scraper heels and pretty apron and maid cap to top you off. Once you're dressed up in your humiliating uniform you won't be taking it off until the whole block is spotless.

I know you're gonna be frightened of getting caught sissy but nobody is gonna bother you in your cubicle - just get to work scrubbing the seat and bowl and the piss-drenched floor like the good little public-toilet maid you were born to be. You'll get that cubicle looking spic-and-span no matter how long it takes you and then you can scurry into the next cubicle and start all over again. Scrub scrub scrub all through the fucking night sissy - listening to guys waking in to use the facilities - ruining the nice clean cubicle you just finished cleaning. You'll mop and scrub and spray and wipe up all that disgusting mess from one cubicle to the next in your dainty little uniform until all the cubicles are looking super-fresh. Then it's time to get to work on the wash basins and the mirrors and there's no hiding away for that little job Missy. The urinals and the floors will all need attention and you'd better get it done quickly before someone decides to give you some fucking attention!

Added: 22-07-2022
Clip Length: 14m 08s
Feminization Public Humiliation Humiliation

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