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Girlfriends For Virgins
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Meet your new girlfriends, beta. Tonia, Bella, Emily - a different girlfriend for every night of the week haha! Which one are you gonna choose to lose your virginity to huh? Bridget?... Sasha?... Madison?.. Which fucking tissue-girlfriend are you gonna date next, loser? Literally - you're gonna choose a tissue and take her out on a date... and if you're lucky and she doesn't reject you like all the other girls do - you'll get to take her home and jerk your unfuckable virgin-dick into her. That's the reality of your pathetic sex-life, loser - dating tissue-girlfriends. What sort of failure does that huh? - how totally desperate do you need to be to soak up this amount of humiliation for a 'gasm? you're so pathetic - tissues are all you deserve.

Grab your box, virgin-boi. Lets skip the date for tonight and head straight to the bedroom with your sure-thing. Let's see - who do we have tonight, huh? Valentina?... Giselle?... Heidi?... go ahead you unwanted fucking failure - you can choose. Choose which poor tissue-girlfriend has to spend her time with you - which unlucky tissue-date has to suffer your company tonight. Pick her out of the box and tell her you're sorry for being her date - apologise for not being the kinda man she'd wanna be with instead of you. Beg her to let you jerk off for her. Ew! If that tissue could talk it would tell you to fuck off - just like every girl would. Lucky for you it can't reject you, virgin-boi! It can't humiliate you and call you names and tell you how fucking disgusting you are... but I can - and I'm gonna!

I'm gonna say all the things to you that tissue would say if it could talk loser. So start stroking - jerk into your tissue-girlfriend you hand-humping creamer. I want you to feel as pathetic as you look - I want you to feel so bad about yourself you unfuckable virgin failure. I want you to be crying with humiliation as you stroke yourself to a pitiful shame-gasm right into that helpless tissue. You're such a loser - you're ugly and gross and you're gonna be lonely for the rest of your life - jerking your nights away into tissues because girls want nothing to do with you. No girls for you loser - not ever. You're gonna stay a rejected virgin forever and ever - flushing your worthless cum down the toilet after every tissue-date! Are you ready to cum tissue-bator... so beg her!

Added: 28-07-2023
Clip Length: 14m 56s
Humiliation Rejection Jerk Off Instruction

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