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Step-Gabie Blackmails You
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So she's gone, step-daddy. 2 whole weeks - and I'm supposed to be good and do whatever you say… yeah right, like that's gonna happen. She thinks I'm gonna go to school like normal, go to piano practice and book-club and be a perfect little lady while she's away but here's what's actually gonna happen - I'm having the girls over for a party and they're probably gonna stay the whole 2 weeks and we're gonna cause as much trouble and make as much mess as we like because you, step-daddy, are gonna clean up after us - aren't you? You're gonna clean up and be my little bitch for the next 2 week because if you don't I'm gonna call my mom and cry my fake tears as I tell her step-daddy was spying on me when I was getting changed for cheerleading practice. ''Uh-huh mom - he was being such a creep - he saw me in my bra and panties and I swear I saw him touching himself (sob...sob)''

You'll enjoy it, step-daddy - you'll have all my hot girlfriends to drool over for 2 whole weeks while you're being our bitch. It'll be fun for you - but just so you don't forget who's in control... I have something for you... You're gonna be locked up - locked in a pink chastity cage for 2 weeks while my girlfriends are staying over. I want them all to know that I have you totally under my control - I want all my girlfriends to know my step-daddy is my personal little bitch who has to do everything I say. So pull it out - I'm gonna put your dick in this cage. C'mon - I can't wait to show all my girlfriends that little dick scrunched away in this device. Ew! It's so icky - Do you realise the more I talk about it the stiffer you seem to get - the brattier I am with you the harder your dick becomes - we can't lock you up like that can we step-daddy - you need to be soft first - which means you're gonna have to jerk that little boner away for me.

Here, start jerking into my panties, step-daddy. You're gonna cum in my panties and then I'm gonna take them from you and keep them in zip-lock bag for insurance - to make sure you do everything I say - not just for the next 2 weeks, but forever. Start jerking, step-daddy! Jerk and hurry up - you have a party to prepare for - you have things to buy. Be a good step-daddy and jerk into my panties. Jerk for Gabie - jerk step-daddy. Haha - If my mom could see you right now, huh? Jerking into my panties - stroking your cock as I boss you around ... keep jerking - I'm gonna make you pump a mess right into my gym-panties and then you're gonna put them into this bag so I have the evidence. You're gonna soak every drop of your cumload into my panties right now - do it - cum in my panties step-daddy - cum for Gabbie. Ew - Gross! Now put the panties into the bag and give it back to me - it's time to get you locked up. It's time for your cock to go away before my hot girlfriends turn up.

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