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Size Matters Cuck
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Guess who got cheated on last night? Guess guess guess! Guess who's a cuckold now haha! Yeah YOU ARE! Haha - I cheated on you last night. I did - I cheated on you and I have every intention of doing it again... and again. The thing is - I'm looking at how fucking crushed you are right now and I don't feel the slightest bit sorry for you. I don't - In fact it gives me such a kick seeing how fucking hurt you are, CUCKOLD! thought I'd feel guilty or something but I don't - I don't care how upset it makes you one little bit - I cheated on you and I'm gonna keep cheating on you. And there's something else too. Something else that I know will hurt you even more than knowing your little princess has been unfaithful. He was SOOO much bigger than you! Ouch right? It's a detail that makes this way way harder for you doesn't it you fucking cuckold... it matters because I know how insecure you are about your teeny-tiny wimp-dick.

It's too bad for you - it's true what they say about BIG cocks - it's all true. Size DOES fucking matter - Which is too bad for you cuckold because I really am done with your 'lil runt-cock. I'm a total size-queen from now on - and why the fuck not? Why would I let your failure cock anywhere near me now that I can get all the big pussy-filling cock I want? You've lost me, cuckold - you've lost me to the big-dicked real-men that I'm gonna cuck you with over and over again. I'm gonna love cheating on you - especially as I know it hurts you even more knowing that every single guy I fuck has a superior, bigger, thicker cock. Your hot little Princess is gonna be a size-queeb - exclusive to all extra-hung guys I can find to cheat on you with. The best you can hope for is being allowed to kneel beside the bed and watch my real-men fuck me as you jerk your inferior-cock. That's your sex-life now runt-dick - stroking to the sight of me cheating on you with bigger men in your own fucking bed.

Go ahead cuckold - I'm giving you permission - stroke to the thought of being the small-penis-humiliaion cuck of your superior size-queen Princess. Jerk to being replaced by men with way bigger cocks than you - you're gonna cum to the thought of your girlfriend getting stretched by XXL cock, cuckold. Jerk to the image of me taking big cocks in my mouth - watching me gag and drool over superior bully-cocks - Imagine seeing me telling him how much bigger he is than you. Oh I'll make sure he knows how much bigger and better than you he is cuckold - I'll tell him and I'll make YOU tell him too. While you're stroking in the corner - I'll make you compliment his superior cock - I'll make you thank him - I'll make you call him sir. And when he's done making a mess inside your cheating little Princess - I'm gonna make you beg him to let you clean me up!

Added: 17-03-2024
Clip Length: 14m 55s
Small Penis Humiliation Cuckolding Humiliation

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