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I'll Fuck The Waiter For Cumming In Your Food
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Date night at my fave restaurant! I can't wait! I've picked out the perfect little dress to wear - just for our waiter!... You remember the waiter, right sweetie? The tall, Mediterranean guy with all the charm and the trouser-bulge to go with it. Yeah - I know you remember him - he was EXTRA nice to me the last time we were there. You looked so jealous! He didn't even try to hide his disrespect for you - I loved it... and this time, with my waiter friend's help, I'm going to step your cuck humiliation up a notch. I'm going to offer him a deal too good to refuse - I'm gonna promise to fuck him if he cums in your food, cuckold. Yeah - you heard me - I want him and all his waiter buddies to serve your food with an extra topping of real-man spunk all over the top... and if he does - if your salad arrives drenched in his cum - I'll let him fuck me.

Ew, right cuckold? A plate of salad with a fresh dumping of waiter-cum all over it - so gross! And you know what - it's gonna taste gross too. It's gonna taste fucking disgusting but you're going to eat up every last drop of it while I enjoy my meal. Yes you will - you'll eat up that cummy salad right in front of me, scooping up the waiter's cum with your spoon and slurping it down - knowing that that icky slime has earned the waiter the fuck of his life with your date-night Princess. I'm not gonna care how much you hate it cuckold - I won't care if you gag on every mouthful or how long it takes you - you'll eat it all - every sticky, salty, creamy drop of waiter-cum... and you're not going to have anything to help wash it down with either - no water - no soda - nothing but the disgusting cummy mess soaked all over your salad.

And right after you've finished off your cum-drenched food - I'm going to fuck the waiter in the restroom while you sit at the table all alone. He gets to claim his reward for helping me totally fucking humiliate you, cuckold - for covering your food with his cum. He gets to fuck your date - he gets his cock sucked - he gets to empty another real-man cumload into me while you wait at the table with the taste of waiter-spunk in your mouth. Trying not to pay any attention to the pretty waitresses giggling together as they talk about the cuckold who just ate a plate full of cum. Mocking you for sitting patiently while your date fucks the waiter in the restroom. How humiliating for you cuckold - all the waiting staff making fun of you and you just have to sit there and soak it all up until our server has finished with me.

Added: 16-02-2024
Clip Length: 14m 25s
Cuckolding Cum Eating Instruction Public Humiliation Humiliation

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