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Dumb-Dumb Donations
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Simp for girls like me who are way too hot for you as much as you want, dumb-dumb - drool and worship us all you like so long as you understand that we'll NEVER date you. Girls like me want to be seen with real - none of us want to be seen with a wimp like you. The only thing girls like me want from you is your money. You're only good for funding the kinda lifestyles we like to rub in your dummy face. I don't want to fuck you - I just want to take your money - you got that dumb-dumb? And I really know how to take it from you don't I piggie? I take all that money from you and you get a big fat ZERO in return. You give Princess all your money because I'm way too good for you and you just want to serve me. You want me to be happy - you want to do whatever you can to get noticed and that means taking me shopping, buying me the prettiest clothes, paying my bills, lavishing me with expensive gifts but guess what - getting absolutely nothing from me in return.

Us girls know EXACTLY how to use a tribute- dumb-dumb like you. We know how to put you down and make you feel SO inferior that you happily give up your money and thank us for taking it from you. It's true - you actually thank me after I've given you permission to send me money. It's so pathetic - really it is. Fuck, you even cover the check when I eat out with my real man when I tell you to. You really know you place because tributing the girl you worship so fucking much to enjoy her date with another man is totally accepting you're not good enough for her isn't it simp? Hot girls like me deserve to take your money - we deserve to have tribute- dumb-dumbs like you out there slaving away in some boring job, earning for us... because I'm better than that - I deserve the best - I deserve to enjoy my life while you work hard to provide for me. And y'know what you deserve piggie? That's it - absolutely NOTHING! And that's just what you'll get from me.

Dumb-dumb Donations are the only things I want from you. I don't want to talk to you, give you any of my valuable time and attention, I don't wanna have to look at you, or do anything with you - I just want to spend your money. I enjoy taking it from you loser. Knowing how hard you had to work for it and I didn't - I love knowing that I get to waste it on whatever I like and you don't. I love knowing that my life is gonna be way better after I've taken your money and yours is going to be so much worse. I love knowing that you'll suffer after I've rinsed you - that you'll be in debt - that you'll have to work even harder to keep your head above water and what do you get for all of this? You'll continue to be ignored and rejected by the pretty girl that's far too good for a loser like you. You'll continue to see the images of me enjoying the lifestyle you're struggling to pay for - with my girlfriends and my boyfriends. Rubbing you nose in the life you'll never deserve to have.

Added: 12-04-2024
Clip Length: 14m 22s
Findom Humiliation

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