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Explain The Stain
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Ewww! Did you just?... Oh-my-fucking-god, you did… Did you just fucking cum in your pants you fucking pre-jacker? Did you just fucking cum while watching me working out? Huh?.. speak the fuck up you stutter-fuck… No? So explain why you have an actual puddle of cum in you pant - explain that stain wimp. Explain why you're stood there with that stupid, embarrassed face and a wet-patch in your lap. Tell the hot, gym-bunny Princess who you were drooling over why you've got a cummy mess - right THERE! Yick! What's the matter - are you feeling humiliated right now? Is that why you're trembling like a frightened little virgin? Because the pretty girl is calling you out for pre-jacking in your pants - uh-huh, loser - I KNOW what that icky pity-puddle in your pants is - I know EXACTLY what happened here - you were staring at me in my workout clothes and you just fucking came in your pants... and if you think I'm gonna let you off without a dose of total humiliation from yours truly - you are MISTAKEN you little, pant-creamer!

You know what you are? You're a total fucking pre-jac failure. You're a loser who cums in his fucking pants whenever a hot girl walks by within a few steps of you - without even touching his cock. You're a virgin who org-spasms a cumload into his boxer-shorts when a girl flicks her hair in your face as she brushes pass you. You're the lonely simp that gets a boner in the gym, staring at the cute girls working-out... and there's the ewwy, sticky, disgusting proof - right there in your pants LOSER! And y'know what else is fucking pathetic - the more I belittle you and humiliate you for it - the harder that little boner gets. It's getting harder and harder the meaner I am to you - is that turning you on, loser? Is it actually turning you on being mocked and shamed by me? Are you enjoying being exposed as a pre-jack failure by the hot dream-girl you were drooling over? Are you a fucking humiliation wimp? Are you? Oh fuck this just gets more and more pathetic, virgin-boi!

Maybe I should teach you a valuable lesson and humiliate another cummy puddle out of you, loser. No hands - no touching - just a pre-jac org-spasm from nothing else but HUMILIATION - right into your pants... just like you did when you were staring at me. I'll be super-mean to you so that you do it extra-quick. Are you ready, loser? Are you ready to be belittled and humiliated to orgasm for your hot Russian work-out goddess? Are you, virgin... Okay - listen to every word... Girls like me hate you - we hate virgin pre-jac wimps like you - you'll never have a girlfriend - you'll always be alone. Pretty girls want losers like you to be alone - we want you to say sexless and pussy-free. We want you to be solo-sexual for the rest of your life. We want you to drool over us and know that you'll never EVER have us - no way - you're such a loser and you'll stay a virgin for your whole life. We don't care about you - we just wanna humiliate you...

Added: 22-01-2024
Clip Length: 15m 00s
Humiliation Brat Girls

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