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The Sissy Hunters - We're Coming For You
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This is a message for you secret sissies. We're coming for you. The CruelGirlfriend Sissy Hunters are looking for you and we always get our 'gurl'. Within the beautiful team of CruelGirlfriend Alpha females, a small group of experienced sissy-hunters have formed an elite gang with one laser-focused agenda - to track down and expose sissies like you. Consider this is our warning to you sissy - we'll find you - we really will. We'll find out everything about you. Your real name, your relationships, where you live and where you work. We'll uncover who your friends are - who your ex-girlfriend is - your social media identities. We'll collect everything we need to fuck up your whole pansy-pink world. We'll find you sissy - we'll find you and then we'll fucking expose you because sissies deserve to be exposed - you deserve to face the humiliating, life-changing shame that exposure will bring to you.

You've been hiding behind that make-up and wig for far too long, sissy. You've been hiding behind your lashes and lipstick and under your pathetic, sissy-girl dresses for way, way too long - it's time everyone knew who you really are. You deserve to be exposed. That's the core belief of the Sissy Hunters - that sissies shouldn't be allowed to hide their real-life identities - and if you try to - we'll expose you. Once we have all the information on you that we need, you'll receive a message from a Sissy Huntress pre-warning you of your imminent exposure. I won't lie, sissy, this message will cause you some considerable distress. It will make you panic, it will make you feel like your whole world has been ripped from under you. You will shake, cry, cry a lot more and ask yourself over and over again how you could be so stupid as to post a picture of yourself online in a maid's unifom, dressed as a slut , dressed as a cheer-leader or whatever humiliating image of you we found. You'll know your secret is out - you'll know your life is about to get smooshed under the sole of a Sissy Huntress' pretty shoe and there's nothing you can do about it.

You're helpless - there's nothing you can do to stop the exposure. You can cry... and you totally will. You can beg... uh-huh - that's for certain too... but it's not gonna stop the Sissy Hunters from exposing you. Nah-ah, missy. We're going to publicly shame you for what you are - a pretend boy who slips into panties and wiggles around in heels every chance you get. A submissive, humiliation-craving bitch who posts his made-up face onto the internet thinking nobody will recognise who's hiding underneath all that foundation and blusher. Well we'll find out who you are - and we'll expose you. We'll make you the laughing stock of your social circle. We'll make your wife or girlfriend see you for what you are. We'll give your neighbours enough gossip to keep them talking about you for years. We'll have the cute office interns giggling over your secret every day you walk by their desks. You'll lose any respect you ever had - that pansy from the internet - that sissy who got caught and humiliated - that dress-up bitch who the Sissy Hunters totally fucking exposed.

Added: 12-01-2024
Clip Length: 16m 25s
Feminization Humiliation Blackmail Public Humiliation

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