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Worldwide Whiteboi Wipeout
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I'm not even joking, whiteboi. Literally ALL of my girlfriends are black only. Like, every single one of them. We call ourselves the snowbunny squad and we exclusively fuck black guys - NEVER EVER whiteboi virgins like you. It's not just us either - more and more girls are declaring themselves black-only every day because snowbunnies like me and my girlfriends are spreading the truth about the whiteboi wipeout. We're spreading the truth about superior black men - superior muscular men with superior big black cocks. When we talk to other girls at the bars and the clubs, in the gym changing room, at parties and at work - we tell them exactly why they should only reject whitebois like you and go black-only. That's why girls are turning their noses up at you whitebois. That's whiteboi virginity is going viral. That's why whitebois are jealously watching on as all the girls they've been drooling over are dating black guys. Uh-huh - you're being slowly wiped out, whiteboi and soon you'll be fucking extinct!

Yeah - you're so jealous. Snowbunnies are making sure whitebois stay virgins while our superior black boyfriends take all the girls you drool over. They get our pussies, whiteboi. They get our mouths around their thick black cocks. They get threesomes with our girlfriends. They get the sex-life you'll never get to experience. The closest you'd ever get, is through watching all the interracial porn we feed you. Uh-huh - it's not by accident you're totally obsessed with watching black guys fucking hot, young white-girls like me. It's not by chance you spend your life jerking your pathetic, pink white-boi cock to pretty snowbunnies sucking on big black cocks. No, reject - we're feeding you that interracial propaganda-porn to rub your fucking nose in it. We're conditioning you to accept the inevitable whiteboi wipeout. We're training you by showing you how much we love being total sluts for our black boyfriends and leaving you with nothing but your hand-pussy and bbc-porn to stroke to.

And so this is how this story ends for you and all the other whiteboi wimps. Jerking yourself out of existence to interracial porn. That's what you're gonna do - stroke yourself obsolete, pink-dick. Uh-huh - evict yourself from the gene-pool and cream your hand-pussy to black guys getting all the fun with their snowbunny brats. Strock for me white-boi. Stroke to big-black-cocks breeding pretty young white-girls - taking 2 or 3 at a time while you get none of us. Stroke that little unwanted pink cock you inferior white bitch. All you're gonna get is a pathetic jealousy-gasm as you watch strong, muscular black men stealing the girls you could only wish for - turning beautiful white girls like me into snowbunnies one by one and keeping pink-dick wimps like you virgins for life. You're being wiped-the-fuck-out, whiteboi - it's going to happen and you're going to contribute to it. Stroke idiot - stroke to my snowbunny propaganda-porn earn your jealousy-gasm. Stroke it whiteboi.

Added: 08-03-2024
Clip Length: 15m 13s
BBC Jerk Off Instruction Rejection

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