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Found Self-Bound
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Well, well, well... what is going on here, huh? What a predicament you seem to have gotten yourself into. I mean - I assume you've done all of this to yourself, right? Unless of course an intruder was considerate enough to leave the keys to those padlocks slowly defrosting in ice... haha. Yeah - this is some kind of self-bondage kink, isn't it you little pervert? What's up? Are you embarrassed? Are you ashamed to be found like this - tied up and gagged like a helpless damsel-in-a-dress haha! Aw you poor sissy! That's what you are, isn't it? A sissy? That's why you tied yourself up in panties and a bra and pretty outfit? That's why you're trussed up in heels, a wig, and makeup? Your ankles and wrists cuffed together - pretending to be a poor girl who's been kidnapped? You're a self-bondage-sissy aren't you?... and I found you - I've caught you playing your bondage games and now you're in big fucking trouble, sissy.

It's too bad for you that it was me that found you like this, sissy. You have no idea how much trouble you're in now. First of all I'm gonna check your restraints - I wanna make sure it really is impossible for you to escape. I'm gonna tighten up the ropes and the gag and make sure you feel even more uncomfortable than you had planned this to be for yourself. There you go, you tied-up little pansy - you're not going anywhere now... not unless I say so. You're bound-up extra tight - extra securely. Your escape plan has been taken away from you - your ice isn't gonna melt and drop a set of keys for you to release yourself - the knots can't be slipped open - you can't wriggle out of this. You are 100% trapped, sissy. Your freedom relies on me now and the truth is... I'm having way too much fun tormenting you as you squirm around in your humiliating bondage predicament to even consider setting you free.

Aw this is just priceless - look at you - you really are struggling aren't you? I bet you've always fantasised about being caught in the middle of your self-bondage games, haven't you sissy? Haha! Does the reality live up to fantasy? Are you having fun now? Trussed up in your girly clothes while a hot girl bullies you - making your bondage tighter. Making it impossible to escape. Making it so much more difficult and painful and humiliating. Is that as much fun as you thought it would be? So here's the thing, sissy. I'm NOT gonna untie you - that's for certain... but I am gonna let you help me decide who in your phone's contacts I should message to come and untie you. Uh-huh... I'm gonna choose some names at random from your contacts... girls names obviously... and I'll judge by how much you struggle and by how loudly you muffle into your gag, exactly which girl to send a 'help me' message to... complete with photo of course. Should I message Lisa?.. or Ella?... or whoever it is you have listed as 'My bitch ex'?... Why don't you have a little think, sissy, while I sit back and choose which photo I'm gonna send...

Added: 25-12-2023
Clip Length: 17m 15s
Feminization Humiliation Blackmail

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