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I Locked You Up To Make Sure You Suck Cock
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It was your biggest fantasy until it wasn't, right? Getting locked up by a hot girl like me - the girl you'd been drooling over offering you that chastity fantasy you've been playing over in your mind for so long. I'm into 'that' just as much as you, right? I'm into locking up losers like you... just for fun... just for a few days. You didn't suspect for a second that I was tricking you did you? You weren't manipulated into that cage by me, right? Locked up as some kinda plan to exploit you... like to blackmail you or something? I mean - you have no idea who I am or what I'm capable of... you just know me as some hot girl who enjoys teasy chastity games with online wimps... You have no idea how evil I could be - how dangerous I am - how totally fucking untrustworthy I could be with your keys. Was that part of the thrill, chastity-boi? Getting locked up by someone who could ruin your sex-life, tease you for months or years and make you pay for your release... that's kinda hot huh?.. Except now you're trapped in a steel cock-cage... totally at my mercy and the bad news is if you ever want to get out - it's not just me you have to convince... it's my man too!

That's not the fantasy you had was it chastity boi? Aw poor you - you look SO frightened! I guess it was a bit of a shock for you to hear, huh? To have your chastity fantasy come true and then totally destroyed in a moment. I should probably explain shouldn't I? My boyfriend and I find losers like you who are so desperate to live out their submissive chastity fantasies with hot girls like me and then I lure you in with the promise of snapping you into an inescapable device for some extended chastity play - to be teased and tormented by a hot femdom princess for days, weeks or months. It's hilarious - you even pay me for the privilege of being tricked into this predicament Haha! I make you believe you're going to be locked up by me, teased, humiliated, a little findom to enhance the feeling of being totally out of control... but guess what, idiot - this isn't your game at all - it's mine and my boyfriend's and now you're fucked for real - I don't even have your keys anymore - he does... and if you ever wanna get out of that thing you're gonna have to do some ever so gay things to my boyfriend's cock.

No crying just yet, cage-bitch. You'll have plenty of time for tears when my man's cock is deep down your throat so don't waste them just yet. My boyfriend will want to enjoy seeing them rolling down your cheeks as he explains just what you're gonna have to do to earn your keys back. Spoiler - cage-bitch - it's gonna mean a LOT of cock-sucking... A lot of GAY cocksucking... a lot of begging and humiliation as we turn you into my boyfriend's personal cock-sleeve. Making you suck his dick to earn your freedom while we totally shame you for what you're being made to do. You'll be fine though - even though you're not actually 'gay' it's amazing just how gay you can pretend to be when a man is making you suck his cock to stop him from flushing those keys down the toilet. You'll surprise yourself at just how gay you'll be to earn those keys back, chastity boi. Not just with my boyfriend's cock because once we've shared your predicament with some of our other friends - they'll all want to take advantage of the unfortunate situation you've found yourself in.

Added: 28-04-2024
Clip Length: 16m 00s
Chastity Bi Humiliation Humiliation

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