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Cocktaminated Gay
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I have an experiment that I want to use you for. How many cocks is it gonna take to turn you gay? It's very scientific - I'm going to make you the fuck-hole of as many men who want to dip their cocks into you as humanly possible, and we're going to figure out at what point you give up on dreaming about being with girls and accept what you really are. Aw - don't look so shocked/sad/terrified. I'm doing you a favour, faggot! No man who wants hot girls to bully them like this could ever actually expect to fuck us. If you enjoy being bullied and humiliated by girls - surely you don't want to fuck us? Surely you prefer us being mean to you than being nice to you, right? So you just need to accept that you're going to be a toy for men to fuck - that's your real purpose, that's what you're really good at. Being a faggot!

How many cocks is it really gonna take, huh? I'll let them use any hole that they want to, fuck you any way that they like. Your mouth, your ass. You're going to be so filled with cum that it'll be dripping out of you every time you move. Maybe you'll admit it after the first one - admit that you LOVE sucking dick, LOVE feeling a man pounding out your faggot ass. Perhaps it won't take long to convince you at all, and you'll come to terms with being turned gay for me quicker than I expected. Or maybe you're going to need more - maybe you're going to need man after man to fuck you, until you start to realize that you never really wanted to fuck girls in the first place. That's the moment we're looking to record faggot - that moment you realise you're gay - you were always gay - you want cock not pussy - you'll never look for pussy ever again. Boy-toy!

It'll be so much easier on yourself if you just accept that you belong on your knees, servicing men, like you always should have been. I know, looking at the beautiful dream-girl talking to you right now, it's not what you think you need, but you trust me, don't you? You believe that every choice I make is the right one? No matter how cruel they might seem. Then you can start by proving it to me, right here, right now. Show me how many cocks it's going to take to turn you into the little dick-pig that we both know you already are. Show me that you're willing to forget that you were ever even attracted to girls. From this point onward, you are a faggot who loves to suck cock and worship dick until you can't think straight. Until the thought of fucking a girls disappear for good. Prove it to me gay-boi. Admit your gay right now or you're going to be fucked full of cock until you do!

Added: 20-05-2024
Clip Length: 13m 24s
Bi Humiliation Humiliation

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