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Assisted CBT Chastity-gasm
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Sure you can cum loser - I'll let you... In fact I'll even help you... you just can't cum like everyone else gets to. For starters you're locked in a cage - that's your first problem. You can't stroke it while it's like that can you? Too bad huh? Your dick is out of bounds but look at your balls - they're right out there aren't they? Just hanging there under your locked away cock - totally available for whatever we wanna do with them... Y'know what I wanna do with them cage-boi? I want to hurt them! I want them beaten - smashed - black and blue - that's what I want to do. I want your balls slapped and battered while your little cock hides away in the safety of it's chastity device. That's how I want you to cum, loser. That's how I'll MAKE you cum - without any cock stimulation at all and no prostate stimulation either - the only thing that's getting any attention is your balls... merciless, painful, achy attention.

I know you're not gonna be able to do this on your own, loser - that's why I'm gonna assist you. I'm gonna help you achieve your chastitygasm by encouraging you to beat your poor balls to a fucking pulp... I know you'd be too much of a wimp to do this without having a pretty girl's encouragement - you need to see me smiling with satisfaction as you batter yourself infertile don't-cha loser. So, let's do it - 5 firm slaps of your dildo against your balls... I'll count them out for you. 1...2...3...4... and finally a little harder for number 5. Ouchy! There that wasn't too bad, huh? Just a little achy... but we're gonna need to beat them way harder than that if you're gonna cum from this so again 5 more - but harder this time loser. Haha! You're such a wimp - trying to control how hard you're hitting yourself. Forget that - next time you're going to really hurt yourself - for me loser - hurt yourself for your pretty ball-bully Princess. 10 hard ball-slaps - GO!...

I wonder... are you gonna cry first... or cum first, huh? I hope you cry first you little wimp - I hope you hurt yourself so badly you have to stop and try again tomorrow. I want you to hit yourself 15 times - each slap harder than the one before, okay - go 1..2... harder loser - beat yourself to tears. I want you to cum in paid - I want your balls swollen and bruised and in fucking agony when you gasm in your cage. Harder! Hit yourself so hard haha! Aw... you're such a weakling. You're not even gonna enjoy it when you cum - you're pleasureless chastity-gasm will just drip from your cage as the pain in your balls overwhelms you. Another 20 - hard and fast - slap-slap-slap-slap... harder, faster you loser - ruin your balls for this orgasm - pummel them - beat them raw. I want them permanently damaged for the sake of your pleasureless chastity-gasm. Beat yourself fucktard - Are you gonna leak for me? Are you ready to drip from your chastity - huh cage-creamer? 10 more... 10..9...

Added: 26-05-2024
Clip Length: 14m 56s
CBT Chastity Humiliation

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