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Cuckold Business Cards
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So, it looks like you've been a good cuckold and collected all the business cards from your guy friends, colleagues and every other guy you know. You really do know a lot of people which is going to be so good for me because every time i want to fuck - I'm going to pick a card and you're going to call them for me. I'll select a card at random and you'll call whoever's card it is and invite them over to fuck your girlfriend. All your friends want to fuck me anyway, so this game is going to make sure they all get their chance - eventually! Guys are going to be fighting to give you their business cards once they've heard about my business card lottery. It's going to be great - I can't wait to hear your trembling voice as you stutter down the phone about how much I want to fuck whoever it is. Oh, and I want you to tell them WHY I'm going to fuck them. You can tell them I cuckold you because you're just not man enough to fuck me properly and that I need a real man to come over to show you how it's done! That should be so fucking humiliating for you! They're all jealous of your beautiful young wife but they're all about to find out you don't even get to fuck me. They're all about to get the chance to fuck me like you aren't allowed to and best of all - you have to swallow your pride and invite them over - one by one. From now on, every time you're passed a business card - it's going into the lottery so I'm never going to run out of new guys to fuck right under your cuckold nose.
Katie Thornton
26/02/2018 - 12 minutes
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