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Cuckold Schoolgirl Lesson
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My man is coming over tonight and we're going to give you a humiliating cuckolding lesson. I know how much you struggle with the thought of other guys taking me out on dates and coming back here to fuck me on our bed but the plans I have for tonight are going to give you much, much more to struggle with. After you've helped me get ready for my date - you've helped me pick the perfect, sexy little outfit to get your rival in the mood, you've helped zip me into my short, tight dress and pulled my stockings up my legs and fastened the suspenders to their lacy tops and then slipped my favourite heels onto my perfect feet. After you've got me looking just right for HIM - I'm going to help you get ready for US! You see you're going to be dressed as a schoolgirl for tonight's lesson from a real man. I've picked out the most emasculating sissy-schoolgirl uniform to wear while my man fucks me. I'm going to put you into a short, pleated school-skirt, a tight white blouse and tie and cute knee socks. I'm going to put a Britney-pigtail wig on you and force your feet into a pair of pretty shoes. You're going to look so pathetic - and my man is going to see you for the emasculated beta bitch you are when I bring him home after our date. He's gonna make you stand in the corner of the room, with your hands on your head while he fucks your girlfriend. What sort of sissy cuckold coward would allow himself to end up in such a humiliating situation huh? He's going to fuck me while you face the corner in your schoolgirl uniform - teaching you exactly what it is to be an emasculated sissy cuck!
Jaye Rose
24/04/2017 - 11 minutes
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