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Cum On Your Own Face Sissy
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A sissy should practice being a submissive cum-dump every day - no exceptions. A sissy needs to prepare herself for the real humiliation of kneeling in front of a real man or a group of horny guys to be sprayed with their cum. So, every day I want you to make yourself girly an pretty. Pick out a favourite sissy dress-up uniform - your dainty French maids uniform, your cute schoolgirl outfit, a naughty cheerleader costume or some slutty streetwalking whore clothes. Get dressed, fill your bra, fix your makeup, put on your long blonde wig and strap yourself into some high heels. Look at yourself in the mirror sissy - this is the effeminate, defeated sissy real men will see when they use you for real. Now lie on your back, pull your frilly panties down to your knees and contort yourself into the sissy facial position. Throw your legs up into the air and over your head - get that pathetic beta dick pointing straight into your own face. Bend yourself so that it's as close to your face as possible and then start jerking yourself off. Does it feel humiliating sissy? You're all feminized, staring at cock and waiting for a face full of cum. This is EXACTLY what a sissy is made for - and someday it's not going to be your own cock inches from your painted face but another guys! Jerk your cock - imagine there's a big alpha stud using you as his personal cumdump at the other end of it. I'm going to count you down from 10 and then you're going to cover your own face with sissy cum.
Bella Mendez
18/03/2018 - 8 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Cum On Your Own Face Sissy - #cumeatinginstruction