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The last thing any guy would ever want to admit to is being a cumaholic. The outright humiliation of having to admit you're addicted to cum would be too much for anyone right? Seriously what sort of faggot would you need to be to kneel in front of a hot girl like me and confess to being a total cum-addicted cumaholic? That, weakling, is where you are going to be in just a few minutes time. Your shame-red face staring right at me, begging me to let you cum - promising me you'll eat every last drop. Not because you know a beta wimp like you must consume his own loser-DNA but because you are desperate for the taste of cum to fill your faggot mouth. You may well worship beautiful women like me. You may think you're straight and only want to serve perfect Alpha bitch goddesses like me, but you will do anything for your fix of slimy thick cum down your throat. Hot girls like me have conditioned you to eat your own cum every time you jerk off - you're addicted now, and you literally can't get enough. I want you to become so desperate for cum, so addicted to it - a literal cumaholic that you'll accept cum from wherever you can get it - or from whoever I decide will provide it. Right now, you're going to beg me to let you eat your own globs of cum, but it won't be long before you're eating other men's cum. I want you hopelessly addicted to cum - willing to degrade yourself to extreme lows just to satisfy your craving for cum. You're going to admit to me that you're a cumaholic while you stroke yourself to a pathetic orgasm and you'll beg me to lick it all up. Beg me for a cum-fix you faggot cumaholic!
Daisy Dillon
28/05/2018 - 13 minutes
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