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Delayed And Repulsive CEI
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Losers who watch Cum Eating Instruction clips and fail to eat their loser-loads when commanded to do so is such a fucking let down. Cruel Girlfriend has given wannabe cum eating losers a whole bunch of ideas to entertain us with your cum eating but still some beta wimps still can't see this humiliating act through. Cumming straight down your own throat, eating frozen cum-cubes, even blackmail isn't incentive enough for some losers. For these disappointing fucktards there is only one suitable punishment - Delayed And Repulsive Cum Eating. We all know as soon a loser cums his urge to swallow his own load vanishes immediately. So don't swallow it loser - spit your load out onto a dish or leave it in its condom or in a shot glass or however you like. You can sit there and watch your cumload getting more and more repulsive. Watch the cum start to go cold and break down. Watch it getting more and more disgusting. Guess what loser - it's only going to get worse the longer you look at it. It's going to start to smell bad and trust me the longer you leave it - the worse it's gonna taste. The sooner you do as you're told and slurp down your load the better it's gonna be. You had your chance to swallow it when it was fresh, and you blew it! Now you're being punished with our Delayed And Repulsive Cum Eating punishment and you WILL eat your load. You will eat that filthy, stale cumload no matter how bad it tastes and how ashamed of yourself you feel - I suggest you do so quickly loser because it won't be long before even the most cum addicted sissies would gag at the thought of eating it!
Becky Dee
31/08/2018 - 12 minutes
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