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I know your kind. The obsessed gooner who fills his hard drive with worship pics and video clips of bratty celebrities or model dream-girls you'll never have. It's pathetic - promoting some hot girl who doesn't even care you exist to your phone's background, her Instagram profile picture as your screensaver - hours spent drooling over Gigabytes of her perfect digital form downloaded to your device. Do you think she'd think it's cute that you're SO in love with her? Her biggest fan - you know her birthday, you know her history of boyfriends, you search for new photos in the news so you can get some tiny connection to her life. Do you think she'd want to know a fucking loser like you? The kind of freak who jerks off to her every day? Ew - I don't think so!

Reality check, fucktard and trust me I speak onto the behalf of all the hot-girl models and celebrity babes you've collected images and videos of over the years: WE HATE YOU! Uh-huh, we ALL fucking hate you! The worst thing about being popular and pretty is having inferior beta males like you drooling over us without our consent. We don't think its cute you have a crush on use, we think its gross, icky and pathetic. We don't think it's adorable that you've watched every clip we've been in. We don't appreciate you for 'liking' our social media posts of us in our lingerie or bikinis. We don't respect your opinions on anything - Who the fuck cares what you think, anyway. You are unimportant and a fucking loser. If we ever have reason to talk about you it's only to mock you and insult you and then we go right back to ignoring you and forgetting all about your existence again.

The thought of you collecting our pictures and videos so you can sit alone in your bedroom jerking off to us is so gross and disgusting. Gooning for girls that are too good for you is just wrong - and I think you know that - don't-cha loser? You know you shouldn't be looking at us without our permission - you know you shouldn't be jerking off to our prettiness, to our hot young bodies, to our cute asses and perfect tits - you know you shouldn't be touching yourself when we hate you so much - right? Soooo... I want you to delete us... you have to delete EVERY picture and every video you have of us - EVERY one, loser. One folder at a time - drop them into trash and then PERMANENTLY delete them so you can't recover them. Watch us leave you forever - your favourite photos - your most watched clips - gone for good! Delete, delete, delete, rejection-simp!

Added: 22 May 2023
Clip Length: 15m 46s