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Doll Yourself Up For Strangers
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It's date night sissy and you're going to be getting all dolled up for HIM tonight. You're going to make an extra special effort too - take a shower and make yourself smooth. Not just your legs but your whole body - I want you so soft and girly for him. You're going to wear your prettiest, most frilly underwear - the satin panties with all the foo-foo ruffles and the matching bra and suspenders attached to deep lace topped stockings. Then you're going to pick your most adorable party dress - pick something ultra-feminine, short and frilly - something VERY, VERY SISSY! I know it's a humiliating for you to be seen dressed in such an over-the top pansy outfit but trust me - it's going to get EXACTLY the right reaction! Dressed up so prissy, it would be a shame not to make an extra special effort with your hair and makeup, right? So, choose a big, blonde curly wig and tie lots of pretty pink ribbons in it - maybe a huge bow too! Fix your makeup to ensure you look as pretty as can be - pink glossy lipstick, big fluttering lashes and soft red cheeks - you're going to look so, so sissy! Finally, you can step into your platform heels and you're ready for date night. Are you excited sissy - are you excited to meet all the strangers on your date night? That's right sissy - you're speed dating strangers. You're going to introduce you to guys and try to get as many of them to take advantage of you as possible. Most of them will laugh at you, verbally abuse you or shut you down but some are going to use like the sissy slut you are. I can't wait to hear all about your date with strangers, sissy!
Daisy Dillon
01/07/2019 - 13 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Doll Yourself Up For Strangers - #Feminization