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Dressing Room Desperation
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It's shopping time, sissy! Today you get to go to the sexy lingerie boutique and buy frilly, lacy, silky underwear for yourself. Not only that but once you have your new lingerie on, I'll unlock your chastity device and you can rub your sissy-stick until you blow your pity-gasm into your new panties! Are you excited? Aw of course, you know there's a twist coming, don't you? You never get to have your pathetic sissy-spasm without first being totally embarrassed and publicly humiliated, right? Today is no exception missy! I meant what I said, you really do get to buy new sissy lingerie, put it on and then pleasure yourself until your sticky mess leaks out of your desperate little cocklette. The catch is you have to do it in the dressing room at the lingerie store! Haha, that's right! I'm going to force you walk into a dressing room, put on your girly underwear, stick a vibrating butt-plug up your sissy-hole, and then tug on your icky pee-pee until you blow that gross loser load into the crotch of your prissy panties. Then I'm going to grab a fistful of your sissy slime and smear it all over your stupid face! And that's how I'm going to leave you there! Haha! Uh-huh, I'm going to grab your boy clothes and leave you standing in the dressing room of the lingerie boutique, dressed like a pathetic sissy faggot, with a vibrating butt-plug in your ass and crusty cum all over your face. Maybe I'll even yell out: "Help! Help, there's a pervert in the dressing rooms!" Haha, I hope you get arrested! Can you imagine going to prison looking like that? You'll be candy for all the rough men in there!
Tiger Lily
20/01/2019 - 12 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Dressing Room Desperation - #Feminization