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Diary Of A Cuckold
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As you already know cucky, Im cheating on you. Ive not even tried to hide it. Youve found his used condoms laying around and the messages on my phone and yet youre still here. Theres no way youd walk away is there? Youre so pathetically in love with me, youd put up with me fucking other guys. Well, youd better get used to it because its going to start happening a whole lot more. Youre going to see hot guys walking into your house, hear them fuck your girlfriend and leave. This is the end of our sex life. Youre a loser and I dont fuck losers! Did you really think you were satisfying me with that teeny weenie dicklette in your pants? I think Ive suffered enough and so Im about to give you the ultimate cuckold experience. Not only do you have to watch your girlfriend get fucked by real men with bigger cocks, I want you to start a diary. I want you to write down everything that happens from the minute that real man walks through the door. So, make sure you note how you're made to take his shoes and coat, and how you're made to welcome him with a polite and submissive 'Good evening Sir.'. Make sure you write about how he takes your girlfriend into your bedroom. Make sure youre watching closely how he fucks me because I want you to write it all down in your diary. Every time I scream as he fucks me. Every time you see his balls slapping against my perfect little ass, and Just how heartbroken you are. Then when he leaves, youre going to read it out loud to me, so I can laugh in your face. Im going to make you relive those humiliating and emasculating moments over and over again.
Jessie Boulevard
14/05/2018 - 13 minutes
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