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Dumping Cum Down Your Throat
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Look what I have for you sissy - a whole jar full of filthy used condoms. All the real man cumloads saved up from last night's party at the Cruel Girlfriend dreamhouse. All the girls and their Alpha boyfriends left their icky discarded condoms just for you. I'm going to empty the whole contents of this jar all over your stupid slut face one disgusting condom at a time. You're gonna get down on your knees and look up at me as I squeeze every cumload over your face and down your faggot throat. Open your mouth wide and hold out your tongue while you take every thick, slimy load. Watch me dangle each one over your face as other men's spunk dribbles out all over your whore face and down your throat. I'm going to laugh at you as you gag on ever disgusting mouthful. I'm going to humiliate you for being such a pathetic cum eating loser - swallowing the loads of real men who get to fuck hot girls like me. This is your place in life loser - on your fucking knees with cum all over your face. You're being humiliated by hot girls and made to eat other men's cum - you must feel totally ashamed of yourself, right? Y'know once all the condoms have been emptied all over your stupid face I'm gonna make you lick the jar clean too. I'm gonna get a big spoon and scrape every last drop of leaked cumload from the condom jar and force-feed you. This is your only meal today loser, so you'd better enjoy it!
Stacey Carla
01/07/2018 - 13 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Dumping Cum Down Your Throat - #cumeatinginstruction