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Emasculated At Home And At Work
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Your boss is so hot! Besides being so damn handsome, he's fit, confident, rich and successful - the he's literally the definition of an Alpha male. Every time you've invited him over for dinner or I've gone to one of your office parties he hits on me. Of course, I always politely turned him down... at least at first I did. I mean eventually I just couldn't think of any more excuses and it really turned me on to think of you being cuckolded by your boss. I love the idea that you're being forced to be submissive at home AND at work. Cuckolding you with your boss means he can humiliate you in the office all day. You'll hear him bragging to your co-workers about the hot slut he's fucking. Telling them all the details of what he does to your little princess. He'll send you out on humiliating errands like sending you to the drugstore to buy condoms before he comes over to fuck your girlfriend. It'll be so emasculating for you, but nothing compared to the humiliation you'll have to soak up at home. You are gonna be our perfect cuckold servant - when he comes over to fuck me, you'll take his coat and fetch us drinks. You'll bring the condoms you were ordered to buy to us on a silver serving-tray. Of course, he's the boss in the house as well as in the office so it'll be up to him if he even uses them. He gets to do whatever he likes in our house - just because you don't get to cum inside me anymore it doesn't mean he doesn't get to. I'd let your boss cum WHEREVER he likes - just so he can brag about it in the office. And guess what happens next cuckold - you get to take care of all the mess your boss has made.
Tiger Lily
04/03/2019 - 13 minutes
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