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Earning Your Sissy Collar
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Look at your pretty 'SISSY' collar. This collar is only given to my fully certified sissies. Sissies that have taken every step in my sissification program. You've learned to dress like the perfect sissy - your enforced diet has given you a cute girlish body which makes you the perfect mannequin for all the flimsy girly clothes I pick for you. Your hormone therapy has given you a very feminine figure and little breasts which in time will take some huge implants. You've learned to walk like a real girl - even in the most impossible of heels and your slutty wiggle looks so convincing. The way you've learned to do your hair and makeup just like a real girl is so impressive - you must be very proud of yourself sissy. Your makeup is so pretty but your long soft blonde hair looks incredible! Any real girl would be jealous of your hair now so well done. You've perfected your sissy girl look and that was a real step for you. Going out in public dressed and made up was the next step and whilst people laughed and pointed at you - and those young girls made fun of you and called you names - you were really brave and you soaked up the shame. Then you had to suck a real cock which was deeply humiliating for you but a necessary step in becoming a sissy so you knelt down and sucked cock like a good girl. So here we are - your final step to earn your sissy collar - are you ready for your gangbang? In the next room I have FIVE guys waiting to gangfuck you into becoming a fully certified sissy. It's the only way of completing the program and earning your collar - are you ready missy?
Miss Mia
12/06/2017 - 7 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Earning Your Sissy Collar - #forcedbi