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Eat Your Cum Fag!
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Let me guess what would be a totally humiliating way for you to cum? Maybe if I made you jerk off in a pair of frilly pink panties and a butt-plug pushed deep inside your ass? Would you feel humiliated and emasculated? Yeah, I think that's how you should start todays jerk-off assignment. Fill your ass with a nice big plug - and slide an ultra-feminine pair of girlie panties up your legs and over your cock. You can stroke your little cock inside your panties - feeling the delicate material on the head of your sissy-cock. It needs to be more humiliating for you though - you need to be reminded that this is not what real men do to cum. You need me to re-enforce your shame-addicted weakness by verbally berating you while you jerk off in your panties. Does it humiliate you more to know that once you cum I'm going to make you eat it? Does it embarrass you more knowing that a girl as hot as I am thinks you're a FAGGOT for doing this? Only a faggot would cum in pink panties with a big plug in his ass while a girl humiliates him. Only a faggot would cum knowing he's gonna have to slurp it all up afterwards. Only a faggot would do all this for a girl's cruel entertainment. So, jerk off loser while I tear away your masculinity and ridicule you. You're a faggot - a sissy faggot who is jerking off for me - waiting to cum in your frilly panties and waiting for your command to lick up every last disgusting drop. You'll do it too. You'll do it because you actually enjoy the humiliation of eating cum on the command of a hot girl. You'll eat your cum for me won't you faggot?
Miss Bethany
06/04/2018 - 9 minutes
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