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Emma Green
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I am literally too good to be true aren’t I loser? I have it all – the looks, the manipulative bratty attitude and the cool, calm ability to use it all against you. You’ll be so mesmerised by my goddess beauty to realise I’ve turned you into my pathetic submissive puppet. By the time you’ve seen what I’ve done to you it’ll be too late. Once you’ve accepted that I have no interest in you sexually, and that all the humiliating things I’ve made you do were simply to build a portfolio of evidence against you there really will be no escape for you. I’ll ruin you. Weak men will do anything for hot bitchy girls like me – even if it means putting themselves at risk of blackmail. When you’ve fallen into my trap – that’s you fucked forever. I’ll take everything from you and you’ll still come back begging for more abuse.

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