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Exposing Your Sissy Secret
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What's this bag? It's literally bursting full of girly clothing but none of it is mine or even in my size! It all looks kind of like the perfect size for you really. Oh My God - It all makes sense now! Have you been dressing up in all this stuff? It's okay you can tell me. It'll be our little 'sissy' secret. I can't believe you dress up in all these slutty outfits! Why don't you try something on for me? Don't worry I won't tell anybody, just slip this tight, frilly little dress on. Hold on what's this I've found - this girly-maids outfit can be locked on with padlocks! That's SO perfect - let's try it! Let's actually LOCK this dress on you. Stop panicking 'sissy', I'll unlock you as soon as I've seen you wearing it all for me I promise! Ha-ha give me a twirl sissy! You look so fucking ridiculous! My girlfriends are going to fucking LOVE this! In fact, they are on their way over to see your slutty little outfit as we speak. I couldn't wait to message them as soon as I found your sissy-stash. I knew you were hiding it all along. I just wanted to use you as our entertainment tonight. We're heading out to find some REAL MEN tonight. Well you don't seriously think I would fuck you ever again after seeing you like this, do you? Ha-ha I couldn't fuck a SISSY that dresses up like a girl. I need a real man. My girls are coming over to laugh at you and then we're heading out to find guys to fuck. We'll bring them back here and you can wait on us hand and foot in that outfit. You're going to serve the guy who's going to fuck your girlfriend while you're all dressed up like a sissy maid.
Maddie Parker
02/06/2017 - 10 minutes
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