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Y'know what would be so fucking humiliating for you - if we took you to the mall and made you try on a whole bunch of girly clothes with us. And not just that - but made a whole day out of totally publicly humiliating you! Can you even imagine how far we could go with this sissy? Like the first stop would be the lingerie store obviously. Maybe a busy VS store full of mall brats like us or somewhere small where you'd look WAY more obvious! We'd pick out the cutest little sets and hold them up to you so that everyone can see we're shopping for you and not us. We'd deliberately choose the girliest, frilliest pansy panties and matching bras and send you to the changing room to try them all on! We'd give you ZERO fucking privacy too - making you model and pose for us before sending you to the check out to pay and ask the cute sales-girl if it's OK for you to wear some of the items right away. haha! Fucking mortifying right?

The thing is, sissy. As mortifying as lingerie boutique humiliation might be for you - it's gonna get SO much worse when we're making you model bratty outfits and dance-club heels in the fashion stores! Cute dresses, ultra-short mini-skirts, girly ripped jeans, crop tops and everything PINK! You're gonna look so fucking ridiculous. Parading up and down the aisles for us, twirling, curtseying, posing and mincing to our obvious, attention drawing laughter! There's gonna be no escape sissy! We'll send you back to the changing room over and over with date-night dresses and mall-brat outfits and heels to match and you'll buy whatever we tell you to - and you'll wear it - you'll have no fucking choice pansy! We'll make you change into the cutest thing you've bought and take you to a make-up counter to have you made up by one of the salon girls. We'll tell her exactly what we're doing to you - how we want you to look and WHY you're being humiliated like this... because you deserve it sissy!

After we've finished making you look totally fucking embarrassing we're gonna abandon you in the mall to face your total public humiliation! We'll take all your boy-clothes with us and leave you stranded in the mall in your way-too-short skirt, your way-too-tall heels and your way-too-slutty makeup! You're gonna beg us not to leave you there - you're gonna panic and cry and BEG us not to go - but we're gonna sissy! You're gonna stay at the mall ALL DAY LONG - feeling totally humiliated. You're gonna endure the stares, the laughter, the pointing and the name-calling. You're gonna suffer all the girls at the mall making fun of you - and you're gonna have nowhere to hide! You just have to soak up all the shame of being the fake mall-brat sissy - hoping we'll come back and rescue you at the end of the day.

Added: 22 Nov 2021
Clip Length: 16m 23s