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Feminized For Your Family's Cum
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Oopsie - wasn't I supposed to tell anyone about your sissy dress-up fantasies? I'm just so bad at keeping secrets aren't I sissy. The good news is that instead of being totally disgusted with you for being such a pathetic panty pervert they were actually really excited about how I turn you into a girl. I even showed them some of the pictures I took of you in your pretty outfits. Now he wants to meet you. Oh yeah so it's a 'he' I told your secret to. He wants to meet you and in fact he wants to fuck you too. So, we're gonna meet him in a hotel room - you're going to be dolled up to look your very sissy best for him. You can wear your prettiest lingerie, your cutest dress and your sluttiest heels. I'll fix your hair and makeup and get you all ready for your very first time with a real man. He's going to absolutely LOVE fucking your poor helpless sissy ass and taking your girly virginity from you. Oh yeah so he wants you totally helpless - all tied up and blindfolded. I guess he doesn't want you to recognise him. Oh sissy - I forgot to mention you actually know him too - in fact you know him very well... he's family - he's YOUR family! The guy who's gonna fuck your tied-up ass and pump you full of cum is one of your family members and you're never gonna know who. He'll know he's filled your ass with cum and that he's taken your sissy girl virginity, but you won't know who he is. You'll just spend your life wondering if you've been fucked by your brother, your cousin, your uncle. Eughww! You are such a slut - taking cock from one of your own family for my amusement! How fucking disgusting!
Kiki Daniels
10/09/2018 - 12 minutes
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