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OMG my real man is totally insatiable! He has literally fucked me all day and he still wants more! You must feel so inferior listening him to fuck me so hard for hours. Does it hurt to hear him treating me so rough, hearing me beg him for more and to fuck me harder? You could only dream of fucking me like that - which is exactly why you're the cuckold and HE is the Alpha. He knows how to fuck - you just don't. All you know is how to meekly kneel in the corner while your girlfriend get's pounded like a fuck-doll for hours. The thing is - my real man is SO big and powerful and fucks so hard he's actually left me totally exhausted. As much as I'd love to go back into the bedroom for another session with his big thick cock I just can't take any more... and that, cucky, means it's your turn! Uh-huh cuckold - my man is not finished yet so you're going to follow me back into the bedroom and suck on his huge cock while I make out with him. That's the rules cucky, he's taking care of the job you're not man enough to do in the bedroom so you're going to take care of the job I'm too tired to do. Crawl into the bedroom behind me, crawl between his strong, manly legs and open wide for his big real-man cock. You can suck him until he feels totally satisfied. Your beta-male duty is to get my bull off while we make out and laugh at you. You had just better hope that after he's cum down your cuckold throat he doesn't want to go all over again!
Princess Aurora
15/04/2017 - 12 minutes
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