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Fucked In The Cage
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Most girls like to sit down in the evening and watch a nice movie with a glass of wine. Unfortunately for you sissy, girls like me prefer to watch something a little more exciting. Cruel Girlfriends love to watch a defenceless weakling like you get pinned down and force-fucked in a cage every evening. Instead of a boring TV screen in front of my thrown, I have a slave-cage to entertain me and the star of tonight's headline show is you, sissy. Tonight, for my entertainment you have been locked in the cage dressed in the most delicate, flimsy lingerie. You've been o-gagged and tied just to make your 'struggle' a little more amusing to watch. In just a moment the door to the cage is going to open and you'll be joined by one, two or maybe more guys who are going to fuck you whilst I watch, laugh and eat popcorn. This is your five minutes of fame sissy - this is your big performance for me so make sure you put on a good show. You're going to be fucked for my entertainment - hard and rough. You're going to be made to suck cock and take cock in your boi-pussy all night long and the great thing is - just like a TV, I get to use a remote control. If I say 'PAUSE', you freeze what you're doing. If the guy has his cock balls deep down your throat - too fucking bad sissy - that's how you'll stay until I say 'PLAY'. If I say 'REWIND' you'll repeat what has just happened. So, if he's just finished pounding your sissy-hole for an hour and you're broken and exhausted - too fucking bad sissy - you're about to get it all over again!
Mia Middleton
12/08/2018 - 13 minutes
small testicle humiliation
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