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Face The Wall Cuckold
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You're going to be dressed in the most humiliating sissy uniform - the pretty maids’ uniform that I can lock you into so there's no escaping without my key. I'm going to put you in stockings and panties a bra, heels and a blonde wig. You're going to look such a pansy! Then I'm going to send you to the bedroom and make you kneel on the floor facing the wall. You don't even get to watch me getting fucked anymore cuckold. Tonight, you're gonna stare at the wall and listen to my real man fuck me on our bed. My new man has decided he doesn't want you to see me naked, or even in my hot lingerie sets anymore so from now on when he comes over to fuck me you're facing the wall. Denying you the pleasure of seeing your own girlfriend looking so hot and sexy is only one of the reasons he wants you facing the wall while he fucks me cucky. You know him too - he could be your best friend, your buddy at work, your boss, your high school bully - I'm never gonna tell you but he knows your secrets. He knows I cuckold you and that you're forced to wear sissy uniforms and face the wall while guys fuck your girlfriend. He loves having that power over you too! And the final reason he wants you facing the wall is because he doesn't want you to see when we're pressing the button on your ball shocker! Haha! While he's fucking your girlfriend he's gonna torment you even more by zapping your locked up balls with the remote control ball shocker. It's gonna be so fucking funny watching you squirm in your maid's uniform every time he presses the button! Poor cuckold!
Becky Dee
03/08/2018 - 12 minutes
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