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You know what cucky? I've been keeping you locked in chastity and chained up in my shoe closet for years now and it's just not much fun anymore! All my REAL MEN know about you and it just seems that you no longer find it as humiliating as you used to! So I've decided I need a fresh start! That's right I'm finding myself a new cuckold slave - a new victim who drools over the very thought of me who I can crush with emasculation and shame. Aw look at you all excited about being set free. I wouldn't if I were you. This certainly doesn't mean you get your freedom! No cucky, I've decided to make some money off of you. I held an auction on my twitter feed for you and you've actually been sold! Oh, but the sale does come with some conditions! The problem for you is that the buyer wants a slave to do all HIS chores and service HIM, but he doesn't want some ugly pathetic wimpy guy serving him! So, before he arrives to pick you up you need a makeover! He's provided me his specifications, so long blonde hair, slutty makeup, huge fake tits and bimbo lips, tight short micro-dress and sky-high heels! Don't worry about how it all looks either - your new owner says he's planning on paying for several operations - before long you’ll look like a Barbie bimbo for life! Oh, here he is, I'll just hand the keys to your chastity over, after all he'll need to give those to the surgeons before they remove that little dick! Haha, bye bye bitch!
Becky DeeDanni King
28/07/2017 - 12 minutes
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