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So much about your predicament isn't fair. You worked so much harder for this promotion than me but here I am sat in the boss-chair and you in the loser's chair once again. I guess it seems unfair that you have to work for your hot ex-girlfriend who cheated on you and dumped you for another guy - and that I make you call me 'Miss'. Nobody else has to call me 'Miss' do they?.. Just you! HaHa. You probably think it's unfair that I still keep you locked in chastity even though I broke up with you 6 months ago huh? Aw boo hoo - life is so unfair to you! So how unfair is it that I'm making you decide between being feminized or being fired? I've picked out such a pretty, girlie uniform for you to come to work in every day. You'd look so cute wiggling into the office in your missy-heels and frilly skirt. All the office girls would find it SO funny and the guys would struggle to keep their hands from pinching your exposed bottom. Either you accept the humiliation of having to come to the office in this pretty feminization uniform or I'm going to fire you. I know you need this job so why don't you just put these girlie clothes on right now and head back to your desk like a good little office-girl. Slide these panties over your little pink cock-cage, pull on your stockings and fasten yourself into a matching bra. I want you feminized from head to toe. Zip into your skirt, button up your blouse and slip into your heels sissy - you're going to wiggle all the way back to your desk and I'll send a memo to everyone in the office that you're my new sissy PA. At least you still have a job sissy.
Danni King
30/03/2018 - 11 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Feminized Or Fired - #feminization