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Sissy is getting married in the morning! Aren't you a lucky girl! Ever since it became legal for 2 guys to get married I've been training you to be the perfect girl for Mr Right and planning your big day. I know you've always protested that you're not gay and that you only like girls but now that you've been totally feminized it seems a shame for nobody to make an honest woman of you and besides a sissy bride like you can fetch quite a sum from guys with shall we say, more demanding sexual tastes. Your breast implants and feminization surgeries were expensive so turning a profit on you meant selling you to a dominant man with preferences for sissies with extreme submission training. Try not to think of yourself as gay - you're a girl now - and tomorrow you're going to be a wife. You're going to be dressed in your pretty wedding dress, heels, and I'll help you with your makeup. I'll take you to your wedding and after I've seen cleared funds into my account from Mr Right I'm going to walk you down the aisle and watch you marry him. You will look into his eyes and say 'I do' and then missy, you will be his to with as he pleases! Your old life as a man will become a distant memory as you become the perfect wife to your strict, dominant husband. You'll dress the way he wants you to, you'll submit to his sexual desires - no matter how degrading and humiliating. You'll entertain his friends and you'll serve them as your new master desires. You'll be meek and submissive at all times - exactly as I've trained you to be and you'll keep him happy - this is your destiny sissy.
Kayla Louise
10/07/2017 - 10 minutes
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