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Fuck My Real Mans Fleshlight
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Not only have I demoted you from boyfriend to cuckold but I'm also demoting you from pussy to plastic. You're sexually inadequate which is the reason I've found a better man to fuck me. He knows what a girl like me actually needs which is why he gets to take your place as my boyfriend. You're just a cuckold now - you can serve me and run errands and do all kinds of demeaning chores - and of course I get humiliate you for fun too. So, when my new man was moving in I found his old fleshlight in one of his boxes - he won't be needing that anymore - now that he gets to do whatever he likes with me he's never so horny that he has to reach for a plastic pussy. You on the other hand will never get to fuck me or any woman ever again so maybe you should use his old fleshlight? In fact, what would be even more humiliating for you and totally hilarious for us is if you fucked the fleshlight at the end of the bed while my real man fucks your ex-girlfriend right in front of you. Haha! He could fuck me in doggy position while I stared right into your defeated eyes as you push your inferior cock in and out of that fake pussy. You'd feel so fucking humiliated having to fuck my new boyfriends old, used fleshlight while he fucks me on our bed. Eughw I bet it still has his stale cum inside too! I wonder who's going to cum first - will my new boyfriend cum inside your ex-girlfriend first or will my ex-boyfriend cum inside my new boyfriend's well used sextoy first? Haha! Either way - you're going to be cleaning up both messes cuckold!
Mia Middleton
17/12/2017 - 11 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Fuck My Real Mans Fleshlight - #cuckoldhumiliation