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Get Out Of The Car Sissy
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Get out of the car right now sissy! You heard me - I'm serious - get out! This is as far as you're coming with me - you're going to walk back to the hotel from here. You're going to walk all the way back to the hotel in your skyscraper heels and your teeny-tiny micro skirt and your PVC street-hooker jacket. You have no phone and no money - all you have is a roll of condoms - just in case haha! You're probably about 10 miles away from the hotel so it's going to be VERY unlikely you'll get all the way back without being seen. It's going to be extremely embarrassing for you isn't it sissy? Not knowing which direction you need to go and how far away from the hotel you are - you're going to need to ask people for help aren't you? Will you ask girls for help or will you ask guys? Would you prefer to suffer the mocking laughter of a bratty girl as you beg her to point you towards your hotel or would you prefer to be ridiculed by a real man? You're in such a humiliating predicament aren't you sissy? You're going to want to stay away from the busy streets as you click your heels and wiggle your way back but hiding yourself away on deserted streets will put a helpless sissy like you in a different kind of danger. You could easily find yourself falling prey to the kind of guys that won't take no for an answer - especially from a vulnerable pans-boi like you. All dressed up in the most revealing of outfits - it will look like you are advertising yourself! So, I guess you'll have to consider walking back through the busiest streets - where everyone will see the humiliating predicament you're in. Either way - you're in big trouble tonight sissy!
Alexa Brooke
14/01/2019 - 10 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Get Out Of The Car Sissy - #PublicHumiliation