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Give And Take
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Every relationship involves a little give and take right sissy? You give me all your money and I take it all. I give you endless suffering and humiliation and you take all the abuse I inflict upon you. I give you strap-on cock and you take it like a bitch. You get what I mean right sissy? So today we're gonna explore giving and taking a little more permanently because I'm taking you in to the sissy-surgery where they will GIVE you big girly tits and TAKE away your icky boy balls. That's right sissy - you'll be a REAL girl at long last! Of course, your new porn-star tits and lost balls are only the start of the sissy-surgeries we're gonna put you through to turn you into the ultimate blow-up fuckdoll. We'll give you a pretty feminine face with pumped up lips, a cute little nose and big eyes and we'll take away your masculine jaw-line. We'll give you a tiny waist by taking a rib - you'll have the perfect dream-girl figure - big tits and a tiny waist. We'll give you beautiful long blonde hair extensions and take all your disgusting body hair away with laser hair removal treatment. The sissy surgery will make you look so girly you won't even recognise yourself in the mirror! You'll look like a complete bimbo - you'll be every guy's FANTASY! Your life as a boy will be over and your new life as a permanent sissy slut will begin. You'd better get used to getting fucked and sucking cock sissy because that is the only thing you've been built to do. Any resistance will be dealt with by extreme hypnosis and serious punishments. You WILL behave like a girly porn-star - you will suck cock and you will fuck guys. Get used to being a taker bitch!
Alexa Brooke
15/10/2018 - 13 minutes
jeans face sitting
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