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Glam Worship - Level 2
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Some of you rejects have already accepted your status as my personal lifestyle funding piggies. This clip is for you - if you haven't already watched my first Glam Worship clip and spoiled me to something on my wishlist then you need to buy it before watching this clip. This clip is for proven piggies only - the worker drones that understand they have no disposable income of their own. After your small allowance for bills, food, travel and CruelGirlfriend subscription is deducted from your pay-check - the rest belongs to me. Consider your day-job as slave-labour for me. I send you to work some shitty job so that you can bring cash home to me. Your hard-working misery makes me happy - and you want to make me happy right? So, here's the thing loser. You need to make some cutbacks because I want more from you. You can start by cutting you grocery budget in half. The food you eat can either be half the quantity or half the quality - so you have more to spend on luxuries for me. I want you to commit to buying something from my wishlist once a week and don't think you can cheap-out on the least expensive item on the list. You have to spend ALL of your disposable cash on me. You don't get savings, new clothes, nights out or anything other than the basics to survive on. Everything you have comes to me - that's your role in life. You fund the lifestyle of a beautiful, dominant glam goddess - me! You have failed to meet a standard of masculinity that would allow you to date a girl like me - so the best you can hope for is being rinsed and used and ruined to make me happy. Now visit my wishlist and buy me something expensive!
Tiger Lily
25/03/2019 - 17 minutes
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CruelGirlfriend - Glam Worship - Level 2 - #Findom