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It must totally suck for a reject loser like you to worship a Glam goddess like me - knowing you'll never EVER have a chance with me. You can worship me from the safety of your bedroom all you like - you can buy me gifts from my amazon wishlist, pay for my nights out and send me money until you're broke - it'll get you nowhere with me. Your place in life isn't fucking girls like me - it's supporting our lifestyles financially. You are a beta - a 'less than' - a wimp - pathetic inferior who's only value to a girl like me is by being financially fucked over and getting nothing in return. Nothing other than the satisfaction that I'm having a good time at your expense, my real men are enjoying the things I buy to make myself look good for them and that your suffering entertains me. I laugh at you, my girlfriends laugh at you, and my boyfriend’s laugh at you. The thought of you sending me everything - slowly creeping into debt just to fund my luxury lifestyle - paying for my tits, my lips, my hair and my nails to look beautiful for other men. Buying my lingerie and cute outfits - never for you! You know why right? It's because you are an inferior beta loser who can only dream of having a girl like me. Let me make it clear loser - I would never look at a wimp like you. All you are is a wallet and you're going to find my wishlist and you're going spend until you're broke. That's our trade tonight - I'm going to verbally humiliate you while you buy things for me and ONLY if you've drained your account are you allowed to jerk out a broke-gasm. You don't get to wank - while you have cash in the bank!
Tiger Lily
26/11/2018 - 13 minutes
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